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-----After two decades of hardships people looked up to hollywood as an escape. The glamour and luxury of the hollywood stars inspired people to add elegant pieces to their wardrobe as well. The fifties brought great changes to fashion. Girls achieved the look of sophistication and femininity through the voluminous waistline skirts Dior was well know for or the classic pencil skirts Chanel was know for. Pearls and gloves were frequently used accessories. Fashion became a way to live a fantasy. You are who you dress? It was all about the enchantment the media portrayed.
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-----Also occurring during this period of time was communist fear know as the Red Scare. With so much communist talk going around people feared coming of as communist. Women as a result dressed conservatively and went strictly by trends.

-----For the first time mass manufacturing allowed people do choose from a large selection of clothes. This allowed women to acquire a more unique sense of style.

-----There was a large drug community during the 60s. This affected fashion because doing drugs became more than an activity, it was a culture.
-----"Op Art" was one of the largest trends in the 60s. This trend simulated geometric shapes and vivid colors that created psychedelic optical illusions.
-----Space innovations and the possibility of landing the moon also influenced fashion trends. Metallic, neons, unconventional material such as plastic, metal, and leather appeared on the runways.
-----Experimental might just be the right world the describe this time period, fashion wise and (space) travel wise.

--------The younger generation were feeling the impacts of the Vietnam War in ------=-the late 60s. They were loosing their close ones and as a result concluded ------that war was not the answer. To take a stand they began a movement ------------towards peace. By the end of the decade face paint, long dresses, and ----------skirts were trends. However their purpose was bigger: to make a statement ------for peace.
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